Parents of Black Children is an advocacy group formed to support parents and facilitate equitable outcomes for Black children.


We are building our list of workshops offered. Check back soon for more information. Stay up to date with our latest meetings and more through our email list.


We welcome those who support our vision and mission and are willing to work with us to ensure that Black
children have access to a safe and equitable lived experience across all systems.

About Parents of Black Children

Parents of Black Children (PoBC) is an advocacy group formed to support and address issues related to the success of Black students within schools. The group started as a collective of parents from York Region, but offers support and advice to families across the province of Ontario. We are working to ensure that our Black children can meet their full potential and achieve success in their educational outcomes.

PoBC is a safe and supportive place for parents and Black students to share their experiences and issues within the school system as well as develop strategies and recommendations to improve the experience of Black students within schools.

Help us dismatle anti-Black racism in education

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