How You Can Help


What is an Ally?

While our organization is led by individuals who have a clear understanding and lived experience of anti-Black racism, allies are critical to the work we do.

An Ally is someone who is committed to our cause of equitable systems for Black children and is willing to stand beside us to fight to ensure our children experience an education free from oppression. An Ally is someone who can admit and understand how anti-Black racism operates within themselves and work towards being better.

We welcome those who support our vision and mission and are willing to work with us to ensure that Black children have access to a safe and equitable lived experience across all systems.

All Allies (including White parents with Black and biracial children) are asked to be mindful of their privilege when partnering with and supporting us. 

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Send a Letter to Minister Lecce

Support our 10 demands for reforming the education system.

From updating the curriculum to reflect Black history to ensuring that racist teachers are held accountable, we know there is a lot of work to do to create systemic change. 

Stand in solidarity with us by sending an email to Minister of Education Stephen Lecce with our list of demands. 

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Donate Today

From our ongoing workshops and programs to our full-time Systems Navigators, there is a lot of work that goes into the advocacy we do.

We need your donations to continue the work we do and expand our reach to all Black students across Ontario.

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You MUST designate your support goes to Parents of Black Children by selecting “Support Parents of Black Children’s United Parents program” in the drop-down menu during the donation process. 

Volunteer With Us

There’s a lot of work to do and we can’t do it alone. We are looking for Parents of Black Children and Allies with expertise in the following areas to support our work:

  • Law
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Government Relations
  • Donor Relations/Grant Writing

Please click here to reach out to us.

Stay Engaged

The work never ends. As an ally, you need to stay engaged and stay activated so that the burden of anti-Black racism does not fall exclusively on our shoulders. 

If you’re a teacher, don’t let racism slide. Call your colleagues out.

If you’re a white parent, ask your child’s teacher what they are doing to ensure Black people are represented in their curriculum.

Email your government representatives. Attend school board trustee meetings.

Silence is complicity. Help us change the system.


Parents of Black Children