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Our organization is led by individuals who have a clear understanding of and a lived experience of anti-Black racism. ALLIES are critical to the work we do.

What is an Ally?

An Ally is someone who is committed to our cause of equitable systems for Black children and is willing to stand beside us to fight to ensure our children experience an education free from oppression. An ally is someone who can admit and understand their own anti-Black racism and work towards being better.

We welcome those who support our vision and mission and are willing to work with us to ensure that Black children have access to a safe and equitable lived experience across all systems.

All Allies, including White parents with Black (including biracial) children are asked to be mindful of their privilege and the privilege that therefore can extend to their children.

Help Us Dismantle Anti-Black Racism in Education

Support our 10 demands for reforming the education system. 

We Need Help!

We are looking for Parents of Black Children and Allies with expertise in the following areas to support:

  • Law
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Donor Relations
  • Grant Writing

Please reach out to to help.

What Can Allies Do to Help?

Sometimes the most important thing an ally can do is to get out of the way.

If you are in a position of power and can help facilitate change, help make a clear path for Parents of
Black Children and Black Community organizations who understand the work of Black liberation, by
standing aside and allowing them to lead the way.

Spread the word

Help spread the word about Parents of Black Children to families who may not have heard about it.

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Support Us!
We can’t do this work without support. As part of your privilege allies often have wider networks and access to more donors that those of us of African descent. To offer support, please visit this page.
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Share our message on social media. Your voice of support will help to amplify ours and drive change.

If you would be interested in attending a formal ally meeting- send us an email:

Parents of Black Children