PoBC Launches Initiative to Combat Anti-Black Racism in Ontario Schools | Read More

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Access BLAC’s education law services through PoBC or find your local SFA.

Parents of Black Children (PoBC), who leads Ontario’s 17 Black-led Student and Family Advocate Programs (SFA’S) is committed to supporting and empowering Black families as they navigate and demolish anti-Black racism within the education system.

We are proud to officially partner with The Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC), which will be carrying out the legal aspect of our advocacy cases. This monumental partnership will provide free enhanced legal representation within human rights and education law, to the families we stand by and support regardless of their income. Funding was provided through the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan.  We know that socio-economic status does not protect you from anti-Black racism, this initiative will now reflect that reality.

You can access BLAC’s education law services through a referral from Parents of Black Children or your local Student and Family Advocate Program. 

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