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Our Black Parent Councils

Parents who join us during our province-wide regional Town Hall Meetings collectivized to form a Regional Black Parent council. These parents have found a community in advocating for their children and holding publicly-funded school boards accountable.

Regional Black Parent Councils will serve as parent councils that will collectivize to hold their local boards accountable. Representation is absent and is paramount to building a sense of belonging for Black Staff and students. Since schools have failed our Black students and families in creating a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, the Regional Black Parent Council will respond and offer wrap-around support to the Black community in their region.

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Halton Region

Black Parent Council

Purpose of Regional Black Parent Collective (RBPC)


To organize regionally to address issues in all school boards within the region, imparting Black students To organize regionally to address issues in all school boards within the region, imparting Black students


To speak with one collective voice across the region and in relationship with Parents of Black Children - provincial


To advise Education stakeholders and system leaders on Black parents' and families' views and feedback on school programs, policies, plans, and activities.


To organize Regional Parent Collective activities and events to provide parent education and resources for advocacy.


To hold school boards accountable to encourage Black parents and families to be involved in the school and to support programs that promote the involvement of the black community.


To communicate with Black parents and to promote collaboration between the Black community and schools in providing support for the equitable education of Black children.


To assist parents and make referrals to PoBC when aid is needed in navigating the education system To advocate locally on behalf of Black parents, guardians, and students.


To participate in monthly provincial meetings with Regional Black Parent Collectives and PoBC Canada Regional Black Parent Collectives are engaged with school boards


To organize Parents to attend school board meetings on a rotating schedule (similar to the model used by Unions that are in attendance at EVERY single school board)


To meet with PoBC and other collectives from across the province monthly to report the following:

  • What is happening in the region What is going on in school boards?
  • Areas of concern
  • Plan for accountability
  • How often do our Black Parent Councils meet? 

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