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Our Chapters

No matter your location, Parents of Black Children is here to support and advocate on your behalf.

We believe that in order to create a better education system for Black students, we need the support of Black parents, teachers, allies, and committed community members.

We are pleased to offer official PoBC Chapters in Maryland, South Carolina, and Philadelphia.

Interested in starting a chapter?

Looking to start a Chapter of PoBC in your community? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Chapter Leadership

Any group of 3 or more individuals can apply to start a PoBC Chapter.  Those who are Black with a shared historic connection to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade will hold leadership positions within PoBC. Allies are critical to the work we do and White and racialized parents who are parents of Black children, are welcome, and their input valued.



Parents of Black Children Canada is a National Organization, we also operate the PoBC Ontario Chapter.   

  • Individuals from other provinces or territories are welcome to start a PoBC Chapter 
  • Provincial chapters outside of Ontario will report to Parents of Black Children Canada, but will be responsible for operations within their province.

    In Ontario and looking to create a group?  Start a PoBC Regional Action Committee.   Action committees will be regional in approach and assigned to local school boards.  Contact us to learn more: info@parentsofblackchildren.org 

    United States

    • PoBC will have State-by-State chapters.
    • State chapters are required to incorporate within their state.
    • US chapters can also facilitate parent led Black ACTION committees, assigned to each school district.


        Outside Canada and the US?

        Interested in starting a chapter in a country outside of the US or Canada?  Contact us!  ino@parentsofblackchildren.org

        Contact Our Chapters

        Maryland, United States

        Ratasha Harley

        Ashley Hillary

        Email:  maryland@parentsofblackchildren.org

        South Carolina, United States

        Philadelphia, United States

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