PoBC Launches Initiative to Combat Anti-Black Racism in Ontario Schools | Read More

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Demand Unwavering Support for Anti-Racism Work in Ontario

Antiracism work in the province of Ontario is currently under attack, and we must respond NOW, collectively.

A tragic incident involving a former TDSB Principal is being misused to fuel a right-wing backlash against equity and anti-racism work in our province.

We cannot stand idly by as the progress we have tirelessly fought for in the battle against systemic racism and discrimination is threatened. Anti-racist work is essential in preventing harm and violence against our children and the most vulnerable members of all racialized communities.

Our Call To Action:

We, the Black communities of Ontario, are united as we address the concerning attack on anti-racism work in our province. We demand that this essential work must not be allowed to be halted or stalled under any circumstances; our communities have suffered for far too long.

We demand that politicians take immediate and concrete steps to address our concerns and demonstrate their unwavering commitment to anti-racism work in Ontario.

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