Every Bit Helps

Support Us

ANY AMOUNT HELPS! Parents of Black Children, does not receive any financial support from any federal, provincial or local government agencies. We rely solely on donations and any support that can be provided from our African Canadian community organizations partners.

Why does PoBC need funds?

Currently we hold quarterly meetings for Black parents. We have had participation rates of up to 90 parents per meeting. We rely on the generosity of community organizations such as Markham African
Caribbean Canadian Association (MACCA) to pay for space, printing, food and any other costs associated with quarterly meetings. In addition, we are raising funds to do the following:

Workshops for Parents

We’ll be offering workshops to build parent capacity on navigating the
education system

Workshops for Students

Self esteem and capacity building workshops and events


Our work is about advocacy, we are using research and shared experiences to create materials that can be used to assist us as in our advocacy.

Are we a registered charity?

No, but for now we are raising money to fund our meetings and workshops, building a proven track record and collecting data on our outcomes. Although we can’t give you a tax receipt, your support now can help us do that and propel us forward to becoming an officially registered charity.

If you would like to support us, please contact us at: info@parentsofblackchildren.org