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EDGE Tutoring Program

Parents of Black Children’s EDGE Tutoring Program is designed to provide sustained tutoring to Black students.  The program supports students as they build their skills, confidence, and EDGE forward on their academic journey. 60 students from kindergarten to Grade 12 are currently receiving high-touch tutoring through the EDGE Tutoring Program. Students are tutored twice a week for one hour each session. Students are tutored in either:

  • $Math
  • $Language Arts
  • $French
  • $Social Science or
  • $Science

Tutoring supported by: Pinney Learning Centre

EDGEing Forward: Tutoring Program Impact

The EDGE Tutoring program is a free high-touch tutoring program for Black students in grades Kindergarten- 12.  Students work with Africentric tutors and receive tutoring twice a week in the subjects of their choice. 

Currently there are 62 students participating in the EDGE Tutoring program.


Of students felt confident in their abilities at the beginning of tutoring


Of students are in kindergarten to Grade 6


Of students live in the GTA


Of students felt confident in their abilities 6 months after joining the program


Of students are in Grades 7-12


Of students live outside the GTA


of students have been identified with a non gifted exceptionality or have an Independent Education Plan (IEP)

The Impacts of COVID-19

Both children and parents have had to make significant adjustments to adapt to the changes. Many of the challenges faced by students and parents include:

  • $A fear of contracting the Covid19 virus plus the worry of family members being compromised.
  • $Teachers providing more asynchronous teaching rather than synchronous learning to keep students engaged
  • $Parent’s juggling both full time jobs and providing support for their children studying at home.
  • $Financial limits cause by the economic fallout due to the pandemic. This results in an inability for parents to afford additional resources to support their children, including tutors.

Real World Feedback and Impact

"The tutoring has really impacted my children"

Parents of some of the student participants

The tutoring has really impacted my children’s educational needs by supporting them with extra lessons based on the school curriculum and has improved their academic performances.


This program is currently FULL!

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