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Educators Toolkit

Introducing the Parents of Black Children Educators Toolkit

The Educators Anti-Racism Toolkit is a resource developed to help educators understand how Black students experience the Canadian education system. The Toolkit provides a framework that educators throughout the country can use to adopt inclusive anti-Black racist teaching practices in their classrooms.

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This Toolkit will:

  • share information about the Black student experience
  • provide guidance on how to improve teaching practices to support Black students
  • include a booklist to provide insight into the Black experience and anti-racist thinking
  • share insight into how to engage Black parents
  • provide strategies to effectively work with Black parents to support their children.

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Educators must do their part to make the education system more equitable and inclusive. 

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Your Role As An Educator

Educators have a key role in impacting and influencing children positively, and helping them understand themselves and the world they live in.

As an educator, you must nurture Black children. Every child that steps into your learning environment is full of hopes and dreams. As teachers, celebrate the passions and strengths of Black children, like all children in the classroom, and encourage them to reach their full potential.

  • Educators must support Black children, ensuring they feel valued and wanted in the classroom. 
  • Ensure your classroom is fair and that Black children are treated as individuals rather than stereotypes.
  • Learn about the Black experience; you have the ability to validate Black students in your classroom by incorporating Black stories into your lessons. 
  • Don’t ignore or overlook Black students. See them when their hands go up in the classroom, notice their strengths and childhood curiosity.
  • Just because you don’t understand what it’s like to be a Black person navigating the world, doesn’t mean the experiences of Black students aren’t valid. 
  • Build Black children up and affirm them, celebrate their accomplishments and provide them with opportunities to be successful in all areas of education.
  • The Black experience must be incorporated in teaching year-round. Black people continue to make significant contributions to Canadian and global landscapes in all fields.

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