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Ontario Human Rights Commission Response

Advocating for Equity in Ontario's Education System

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has a crucial responsibility to address the crisis of anti-Black racism within Ontario’s education system. But when our pleas for change have been disregarded. Parents of Black Children (PoBC) alongside community organizations and advocates like ANCHOR Canada, Policing-Free Schools, Halton Parents for Change, Parents Against Racism Simcoe, and many more.

The Background

Together, we have tirelessly fought for the well-being and equitable treatment of Black children and youth in Ontario. Despite our efforts, the very organization that should champion human rights and equity has chosen to ignore our calls for action. Chief Commissioner Patricia DeGuire and the OHRC have even attempted to prevent Parents of Black Children and affiliated organizations from participating in the consultative process that the OHRC claims to lead.

What We Need

Now, more than ever, we need a comprehensive inquiry into anti-Black racism in Ontario’s education system. Parents of Black Children is here to empower parents with information, resources, and support to navigate the challenges Black children and youth face in schools. Our platform serves as a safe space to connect, share experiences, and advocate for the changes that will create a more inclusive and just education system for our children and youth.

Join us in our mission to dismantle systemic racism and ensure that every Black child And youth receive the education they deserve. Together, we can make a lasting impact and pave the way for a brighter future. 

Sign The Petition

We stand resolute and demand unwavering accountability from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. We call upon the OHRC to reclaim its role as the conscience of this province by demonstrating the courage to speak the truth and act decisively and honestly by performing a comprehensive inquiry into anti-Black racism in Ontario’s education system! Show your support by signing the petition.

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