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PDSB Trustee Tracker

A Crisis In Schools

School board trustees are elected officials who are supposed to serve the community and, above all, students.

Parents of Black Children has taken the time to evaluate the performance of trustees, record any instances of anti-Black racism, and also share information about trustees who are strong advocates.

While trustees with limited information may not have instances of anti-Black racism or strong advocacy that ends up in the news, their silence speaks volumes. Silence is complicity in the harm perpetuated against Black students and their families in Ontario schools. Trustees must actively stand up for what is right and make their support for the the fight against anti-Black racism in Ontario schools known.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is constantly evolving. If you have information to share about the conduct of trustees, please email us at info@parentsofblackchildren.org

**NOTE** Since 2019 the PDSB has been under ministry review for an enormous range of issues related to the board’s racism, discrimination, and “ungovernability.” This should be deeply concerning to all individuals in Peel Region and PoBC is continuing to monitor the issue. Click here to learn more.

Kathy McDonald (Brampton Wards 3/4)

Issues: None. Trustee McDonald is a fierce advocate for the Black community and one of the few PDSB Trustees who consistently advocates for what is right. 

Nokha Dakroub (Mississauga Wards 9/10)

Issues: None. Trustee Dakroub is a fierce advocate for the Black community and one of the few PDSB Trustees who consistently advocates for what is right. 

Will Davies (Brampton Wards 2/6)

Issues: In 2019, Will Davies referred to McCrimmon Middle School — which has a large racialized student population — “McCriminal” Middle School.  Click here to learn more. 

David Green (Vice-Chair and Brampton Wards 1/5)

Issues: In 2020, Vice-Chair David Green called the police to have a group of Black protestors removed from a board meeting. He later was part of a group who targeted pro-Black Twitter accounts that had been posting instances of anti-Black racism in PDSB schools. As part of this effort, there was an attempt to force Twitter to share the names, email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses of 6 accounts held by Black advocates in the community. Click here to learn more. 

Brad Macdonald (Chair of the Board and Mississauga Wards 2/8)

Issues: Brad Macdonald has been repeatedly called on by community advocates to step down due to his inability to appropriately address instances of anti-Black racism and racism more broadly within the board. As Chair of the Board, Trustee Macdonald has a heightened resposibility to take action against the rampant racism within the PDSB has has failed to do so, resulting in the PDSB being taken over by a Ministry of Education Provincial Supervisor. Click here to learn more. 

Sue Lawton (Mississauga Wards 3/4)

Issues: Unknown. 

Susan Benjamin (Mississauga Ward 5)


Stan Cameron (Caledon)

Issues: Unknown. 

Robert Crocker (Mississauga Wards 6/11)

Issues: Unknown. 

John Marchant (Mississauga Wards 1/7)

Issues: Unknown. 

Carrie Andrews (Brampton Wards 7/8)

Issues: Unknown. 

Balbir Sohi (Brampton Wards 9/10)

Issues: Unknown. 

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