School Racism Reporting Tool

Racism in Schools is Rampant

We know that schools are not a safe place for Black students or Black staff. However, schools boards claim they are unable to properly track complaints of anti-Black racism.

So we’ll do it for them.

If you are a staff member in Canadian public, Catholic, and private schools who is aware of incidents of anti-Black racism perpetrated against students, colleagues, or even yourself, you can report it anonymously below. This information will be used by PoBC in order to collect data on instances of anti-Black racism in schools across the province. The submission of this form is merely a method to share your story.

As a board employee (and potentially a union member), please be reminded that you are still expected to perform any reporting duties to those bodies as necessary. We are in no way affiliated with any school board or union. The purpose of this form is SOLELY to allow PoBC further insight into the realities of anti-Black racism in schools.

Complete the School Racism Reporting Form

Share your story and help make a difference.

Please note that this form is intended for board employees ONLY.

If you are a parent, please see our Education Systems Navigator form.

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