Education Systems Navigator

No parent should have to face the education system alone.

We know that the education system is not designed to serve Black students.

Our Systems Navigation pilot project is designed to stand beside you as you ‘navigate’ the system.

When Black families contact Parents of Black Children about issues related to their child’s education, our Systems Navigator will provide support as they interact with their child’s school/board.

The Systems Navigator may attend meetings, provide advice, make connections with Teacher Liaisons at various school boards or community groups, and more.The Systems Navigator will help eliminate barriers and act as a neutral third party, outside of the system, who can express the unique needs and challenges faced by African Canadian families engaged with the education system.

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We will stand beside you no matter what issue you are having. Fill out our confidential contact form to reach out to our Systems Navigator.

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We’re Here to Help!

Our Systems Navigator can support you with any issue, including:

  • Questions about Independent Education Plans (IEPs) or special education for your child
  • Challenging suspensions or disciplinary measures
  • Managing schools who are constantly calling/complaining about your child
  • Challenging unfair grades and assessments
  • Incidents of anti-Black racism and bullying
  • Filing a Human Rights Complaint

Please click here to fill out our contact form to reach out to our Systems Navigator.

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Thank You to Our Partners

We are grateful for the sponsorship of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and United Way for supporting our York Region Systems Navigator and Provincial Systems Navigator, respectively.

Parents of Black Children