Black history belongs outside of the month of February. Black voices, experiences, histories, and futures deserve to be a part of the every day classroom.


However, few teachers explored Black history in their own schooling beyond MLK and the civil rights movement.


Here are a few of our favourite resources to help you get started on your Black history teaching and learning journey.









1. Resource Guide: Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Schooling, Education, and Beyond.
Explore this guide from OISE to discover a range of resources related to Black history in Canada, critical race theory in education, and how to begin to talk about race and racism in the classroom.
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2. Teaching African Canadian History. 

Natasha Henry is the president of the Ontario Black History Society and has created a wealth of resources to support the teaching of Black/African-Canadian History. Click here to find lesson plans, primary and secondary historical sources, and more resources to explore. 
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3. Black History Month from the Government of Canada Canadian Heritage website. 

In honour of Black History Month, the government of Canada has compiled a bank of resources, including information on noteworthy historical figures, the historic experience of Black Canadian communities, and Black legacies and institutions.

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4. ETFO 365 Black Canadian Curriculum

From posters and calendars to full lesson plans, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has put together a bank of resources to support K-12 teachers in incorporating Black history all year round.

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