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Navigating the Education System

The Eduction System is NOT Neutral!

For decades Black advocates and families have fought for a more inclusive and equitable education system for Black children. The system of education was founded on colonial principles that did not include Black people, in fact, the education system was created to educate Black families toward an understanding of their own inferiority. We see this in curriculums that do not reflect the lived experiences and wealth of contributions of Black Canadians nor does it adequately represent the diversity of the Black experience in Canada. 

The system is not neutral, these systems were designed as part of a colonial framework which must be dismantled.

This document serves as a way to empower parents with knowledge about the education system. It is designed for all parents of Black children. It is a navigation tool that you can keep and use with you every step of the way to support your child(ren)’s education.

Other Topics Covered Inside the Guide


General Terms and School Board Terms You Need to Know


The Four Affiliated Teachers Unions


Education Organizations You NEED to Know in Ontario.


What anti-Black racism looks like in daycare


Tips on Preparing Your Child for Daycare with School Readiness


Tips to Help Your Child with Literacy


Black Families and the Child Welfare System


The Difference Between Different Types of School Systems


Systems Abuse & Examples of Teacher Bias


Your Rights as a Parent and Your Child's Rights


The Process for Escalating Concerns in the Edcation System


Informations Regarding Schools Records and IEPs


Learning Strategies to Support Students with Learning Exceptionalities


Situations that Can be Concerning for Children's Aid Societies (CAS)

Education is a Human Right. The Education System is NOT Neutral. Equip Yourself Today.

Our Approach... Understanding Racism



1. Racialization

The notion that racism is inherent and embedded in daily life and institutions and the policies and practices developed by and upheld within those institutions.


Racism is About Power

2. Racism is About Power

Acknowledges and interrogates the power imbalances which racialized hierarchies present in society. Critical Race theory asserts that policies and practices developed by and upheld within those institutions.


Critical Race Theory (CRT)

3. Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Race is socially constructed and intersects with other social constructs such as gender, class. This intersectionality presents unique experiences based on hierarchies and barriers designed and perpetuated in society to maintain dominant power structures.


Our Stories Matter

4. Our Stories Matter

According to Criticall Race Theory, storytelling as valid and relevant evidence of structural biases. and the importance of counter-storytelling in addressing barriers and power imbalance


Racism is Founded in White Supremacy

5. Racism is Founded in White Supremacy

Acknowledge the relationship between white supremacy, rule of law and myth of equality amongst racialized populations and refutes the myth of meritocracy- that if you JUST work hard you will achieve the level of success you desire- there are barriers which are erected in order to prevent success for racialized people- Black people in particular.

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