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The United Parents Project

"It takes a village to raise a child "

Yoruba and Igbo Proverb

The United Parents Project is a first of its kind program in Ontario to support Black students and their families.

Parents of Black Children believes in the power of collectivizing to drive change within systems.

No parent should stand alone as they advocate for their children. No parent should be left questioning their experiences or their child’s experiences of system and anti-Black racism.

That’s why we are proud to launch the United Parents project.

What is the United Parents Project?

The United Parents (UP) Project is designed to support parents of Black children as they navigate the education system. The project consists of three core streams. 

Capacity Building Workshops

Parents of Black Children will deliver a series of workshops covering topics that disproportionately impact Black children and lead to disparities in outcomes.

See Our Current List of Knowledge Building Workshops

Educator Systems Navigator

When Black families contact Parents of Black Children about issues related to their child’s education, our Systems Navigator will provide support as they interact with their child’s school/board.

The Systems Navigator may attend meetings, provide advice, make connections with Teacher Liaisons at various school boards or community groups, and more.

The Systems Navigator will help eliminate barriers and act as a neutral third party, outside of the system, who can express the unique needs and challenges faced by African Canadian families engaged with the education system.

Learn More About the Education Systems Navigator

Black Parent Mentorship Program

Traditionally, Black families have relied on extended family for support, advice and informal mentorship. The process of immigration has disrupted this for many.

The Black Parent Mentorship Program will recreate ‘the village’ and the informal supports through peer mentorship.

Black parents with similar-aged children will be partnered and encouraged to support each other as they navigate their children’s education experience. Parents will be provided with a tool-kit to help guide their mentorship.

Join the Black Parent Mentorship Program


You're S.A.F.E with us

Our education systems are not designed to support Black students and families. We are committed to changing that.

The United Parents Project is:

  • $Supportive
  • $Afrocentric
  • $Free
  • $Eduacation-Focused

Have questions about the United Parents Project? Please reach out to info@parentsofblackchildren.org to connect with us.

Our Partners

The United Parents (UP) project is three year project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Youth Opportunities Fund Family Innovations Stream.

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