About Parents of Black Children

Who We Are

Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of Parents of Black Children is to effectively engage education leaders, to create an equitable and peaceful educational experience, free from oppression and anti-Black racism for students of African Canadian descent

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Parents of Black Children is a commitment to advocating and ensuring that all school boards meet the educational, emotional safety, wellbeing and physical needs of Black students, by providing them with equitable opportunities to pursue their education in an environment free from oppression and anti-Black racism in all its manifestations.

Our Foundation:

Black is Beautiful!

PoBC is founded on the principles of anti-oppression and rooted in the knowledge that Black children are experiencing anti-Black racism within their schools and connected systems daily.

We use the term “Black” to refer to all people of ‘African descent’ meaning, those who can trace their family tree (or part of their family tree) back to the continent of Africa. Therefore, Black in this case is also inclusive of those students who are of bi-racial heritage, being Black and another ethnicity.

We also use the term “African Canadian”, this is a different way to refer to Black people and includes ALL Canadians of African descent, regardless of where they were born, e.g. Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Nigeria, Ghana, England, etc. This term includes people who have one parent of African descent and consider themselves bi-racial.

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