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Knowledge Building Workshops

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to support your kids.

Register to participate in the Parents of Black Children knowledge-building workshops.  These workshops will cover topics that disproportionately impact Black children in education and adjacent systems.

The workshops are FREE to attend. Learn more about each workshop below.

PoBC DOES NOT provide facilitation services, workshops, or training. The PoBC Knowledge Centre is available for these services. Visit the non-profit organization here for more information: https://pobcknowledge.org

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PoBC Knowledge Exchange Centre

The PoBC Knowledge Exchange Centre, is a stand-alone non-profit organization dedicated to exchanging knowledge-sharing initiatives and resources to dismantle anti-Black racism. As leaders within anti-Black racism advocacy, PoBC will facilitate learning and knowledge-sharing sessions that will create transformational change, accountability and a peaceful existence for Black people across all systems. 

Student and Family Advocate Program (SFA)

The Student and Family Advocate Program (SFA) is a Black community-based program designed to support Black families and students as they engage with the education system. 

There are 17 Black-led organizations with SFAs across Ontario. The SFA program is  ‘Systems Navigation’ by another name. We are your villageNo matter what type of support you need we’ll stand beside you as you engage with your child’s school.  

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