The YCDSB is failing Black students. 

Trustee Dominic Mazzotta, a man who once said that he “understands racism” because when he goes to Barbados he is “in the minority,” was elected to the position of Chair of the Board. 

Instead of building on the anti-Black racism work facilitated by Black community groups, senior administration, led by the Human Rights and Equity Advisor, has dismantled prior working groups, made no attempts to meet with Black community groups, tried to silence Black students sharing stories of racism within YCDSB schools and now, instead of building an anti-Black racism strategy, is surveying school communities….AGAIN.

Black students and families in the YCDSB deserve better. Make your voice heard.

Send our letter template to the YCDSB with our demands about the steps the board needs to take in order to address anti-Black racism in schools.

Parents of Black Children