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Young, Gifted, and Black Scholarship

Are you a Black student attending University or College this year?

In 2022, Parents of Black Children officially launched our Young, Gifted and Black Scholarship (YBG). This scholarship is awarded to Black University/College students across Canada. PoBC recognizes the positive impacts that scholarship assistance can have on a student’s academic journey and as an organization, we want to ensure that Black students can thrive, not just survive in the education system. Our scholarship award helps alleviate some of the financial burden on our Black students during their post-secondary years. It also provides a fair and equal opportunity for each student to apply regardless of their personal and/or household income. Our scholarship is also not merit-based. To date, we have awarded over $20,000 in scholarships. Our goal is to continue to offer the Young, Gifted and Black Scholarship to Black post-secondary students in Ontario.

Application Starts and Close:
May 1st, 2024, at 9 am and closes on May 31st at 11:59 pm.

Winners will be contacted in August 2024

Thank You to Our Donors:

Scholarship Details, How to Apply and More...

In partnership with the Black Education Fund, PoBC will be offering 5 $1000 Young, Gifted and Black Scholarships.

Scholarship Info

Available Scholarships

PoBC is giving away:

  • Five (5) $1000 Young, Gifted and Black Scholarships

BEF is Giving:

  • Offering a total of 9 roster scholarships, each valued at up to $4000*, along with 10 one-time bursaries of $500.
  • Three (3) roster scholarships (*Roster scholarships are awarded as $1000 per year, up to 4 years with proof of enrollment) and ten (10) bursaries available.
  • An additional two (2) roster scholarships are reserved for Black students within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.
  • Additional four (4) are designated for those pursuing studies in mental health, health sciences, or sciences.

Requirements for Applying

To be considered for a roster scholarship or bursary, you must be:

  • A member of the Canadian Black community (i.e., a Black person of discernible African ancestry and you self-identify as Black/African- Canadian/African-Caribbean/African American)
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Enrolled as a full-time student in the academic year at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution (university, trade school or college)

You are ineligible if:

  • You are a previous recipient of the Black Education Fund or Parents of Black Children Canada, Young Gifted and Black Scholarship
  • You are employed by Parents of Black Children Canada, affiliated or related to a Parents of Black Children Canada employee, Co-founder, or Board member

Who is considered a person of African descent?

The term ‘People of African descent’ refers to all Black people who can trace their family tree back to the continent of Africa. It does not matter if you are descendent from victims of the transatlantic slave trade (example people from the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, African American, African Canadian) or if you are a more recent migrant from the continent of Africa (example: Somalia, Nigeria, Ghana etc.).

The term “African Canadian” refers to all Canadians of African descent, regardless of where they were born, e.g. Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, England, etc.

Past YGB Scholarship Recipients

Meet our incredible past YGB Scholarship recipients who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and leadership in their communities. These inspiring individuals have truly embodied the spirit of excellence and dedication.

2023 Winners
2022 Winners

Testimonials of Former Scholarship Recipients

Step into the world of inspiration and empowerment as you read the incredible testimonials from our past scholarship winners, sharing their transformative experiences with the Young, Gifted, and Black Scholarship at PoBC.

Kiya Busby
Millicent Madeline Zuze
Véronique Lafrance
Joy Sawyer
Devon Swaby
Alador Bereketab
Morgan Martin

Kiya Busby

Receiving the POBC Young, Gifted, and Black Scholarship has been an inspiring experience for me. Beyond the financial assistance it provides, it has affirmed my dedication to academic excellence and community empowerment. Knowing that my efforts have been recognized and valued by such a committed organization has instilled a deep sense of validation and pride in my achievements. This award has also alleviated the financial burdens associated with pursuing higher education, allowing me to focus more fully on my studies, extracurriculars, and personal growth. Moreover, it has inspired me to continue striving for excellence and to use my education and skills to make a positive impact in my community and beyond.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your scholarship award application to my peers. Not only does it offer valuable financial support for their educational pursuits, but it also provides recognition and celebration of their hard work and dedication. The application process is well-designed and accessible, allowing applicants to effectively showcase their achievements and aspirations. Furthermore, receiving this award can have a profound impact on one's confidence and sense of belonging, inspiring them to continue striving for excellence and making a difference in their communities.

I found the application process to be both engaging and rewarding. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my achievements, aspirations, and contributions to my community in a structured and comprehensive manner. The application instructions were well-organized and easy to understand, and the guidelines provided clear direction on how to effectively showcase my qualifications. Overall, the process was transparent and efficient, which made it an overall positive experience. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to apply for and receive this scholarship. It has reinforced my belief in the power of education and community empowerment, and it has inspired me to continue my efforts to make a positive impact in the world. Moving forward, I am committed to using the resources and support provided by this award to further my academic and personal goals, while also giving back to my community in meaningful ways.”

Millicent Madeline Zuze

Receiving this award has been incredibly impactful for me, not only financially but also emotionally and academically. It has relieved a significant burden of financial hardship and allowed me to focus more on my studies and personal growth. The application process was straightforward. It required reflection on my academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal challenges. I would highly recommend the Scholarship award application to my peers. It offers invaluable support to students facing financial hardship, and the process is fair and transparent. As a Black person, financial hardship is unfortunately a reality due to systemic inequalities rooted in historical injustices like slavery, which deprived generations of my ancestors of the opportunity for generational wealth. This scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also acknowledges and addresses these broader societal issues, paving the way for greater equity and opportunity for marginalized communities.

Véronique Lafrance

By alleviating financial barriers, this award has helped me afford post-secondary education in pursuit of my dreams. The application process was straightforward and let me highlight both my advocacy and academic-related passions. As a result, I would highly recommend this scholarship to my peers. Thank you PoBC for providing me with this opportunity!

Joy Sawyer

The recipient award has 100% positively impacted my financial experience moving into the university setting. It lifted some of the pressure of paying my tuition and residence fees, and I'm so grateful for it. YES! I would recommend the scholarship. I am going back to my high school this week for their Black Excellence Showcase and will for sure be mentioning it to the Black students there. I think getting the message out about the scholarship into high schools earlier on would be much better. I'd just like to say an overall HUGE thank you to Parents of Black Children for the Young, Gifted and Black scholarship. It has helped me so much, and now I get to wake up every morning and see the award certificate in my dorm :). It's extremely uplifting and helps remind me that even though I'm not at the most diverse school (Queen's University haha), I still have a large support group of BIPOC individuals who are wishing me the best, so thanks a bunch.

Devon Swaby

The POBC award has greatly helped me in offsetting the costs of my first semester expenses, which were already high due to international fees that I was forced to pay as a result of immigration delays. I was in a difficult financial situation and had to make a lot of sacrifices and take some bank credits. However, receiving this scholarship along with others made it easier to manage the high first-semester costs. Additionally, the scholarship questions required me to be introspective and delve into what my blackness means to me. This self-reflection was important and helped me understand my identity and how I can make a positive impact in my community. Regarding the application process, I found it to be well-organized and straightforward. The instructions were clear, and the application process was easy to navigate. I was particularly happy about the video recording option as it gave me a chance to express myself verbally, instead of using the typical written method that most scholarship applications require. I would recommend the POBC scholarship to my peers. It is an excellent opportunity to receive financial support and engage in self-reflection about one's identity and aspirations.

Alador Bereketab

As a recipient of the 2022 PoBC, Young, Gifted and Black Scholarship award, it was truly an incredible experience. What’s unique about PoBC is their unparalleled commitment to supporting Black students, in a way that both motivates and inspires students all over. When attending the Summer event and receiving the award in person, I got a glimpse of the wonderful work the PoBC commits themselves to. To witness an environment that instills a mindset that inspires young Black children to achieve greatness, was truly a moving experience. The application process is one that provides you with the liberty to express your full self, within that 2-page letter, I had the ability to touch on my passions, values, the work that I do, as well as my future visions. I strongly recommend that all Black students apply to the scholarship for the reasons that the process is clear and coherent, and most of all due to the financial impact PoBC can have during your undergraduate or graduate career. During the process, I also got to meet the other PoBC award recipients, and build relationships that continued beyond the day of the event. Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to apply to the Young, Gifted and Black Scholarship.

Morgan Martin

This award contributed to my medical school tuition, which relieved a large financial burden for me. Medical school is incredibly expensive, so this scholarship went a long way in alleviating some of my anxiety surrounding finances. This allowed me to focus more on my studies, increasing my academic success. I am incredibly grateful to Parents of Black Children for this contribution towards my future as a physician! The application process was very straightforward. I enjoyed that we had the option to submit written responses or a video. Submitting a video allowed me to showcase more of my personality, which I feel contributed to my success in the application process. Yes, I would recommend my peers to apply! This application is quite easy to submit, and I received a response in a very timely manner. Thank you again to Parents of Black Children for this opportunity!
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